The Top 10 Best Car Insurance Providers for Full Coverage

Car insurance is necessary for every vehicle owner, but choosing the best car insurance provider with full coverage can be daunting. With so many companies offering comprehensive plans, collision coverage, liability protection, and affordable policies, making the right choice can seem difficult.

To help you make an informed decision on this topic, ‘The Top 10 Best Car Insurance Providers for Full Coverage’, we have conducted extensive research and analysis of various providers’ offerings.

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Top 10 Best Car Insurance Providers for Full Coverage

  1. Progressive – Best overall
  2. Geico – Best rates
  3. State Farm – Comprehensive plans
  4. Nationwide – accident forgiveness program
  5. Allstate – personal injury protection option available
  6. Farmers – optional equipment coverage choices
  7. Liberty Mutualmulti – car discount benefitting families or those with multiple vehicles.
  8. USAAmilitary – members receive special benefits, including low premium rates & easy claims filing process.
  9. TravelersStrong – financial stability ratings & excellent customer reviews
  10. Safeco – Wide range of discounts such as Accident-Free Discount


Progressive ranks first in our list of top car insurance providers due to its wide-ranging services at attractively low prices offered by bundling policies if needed. For instance, they offer customers who purchase a home and auto insurance together $5000 lower premiums than the average within their area.

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Furthermore, they feature usage-based programs where drivers using apps could save up to $100 annually based on their driving habits while receiving alerting feedback, scorecards, etc. Consumers note that the claim filing experience was swift without any issues in variation between adjuster-paid amounts versus quotes agreed upon beforehand.


If cost efficiency matters the most when searching for a good deal among car insurers, then Geico takes center stage!

Often referenced through memorable commercials starring geckos or cavemen actors, Geico specializes in discounted rates for clean records, students & seniors, and loyalty discounts. On the downside, their voice-automated customer service lines may not appeal to all users.

State Farm

As one of the most comprehensively expansive options available from our choice picks, StateFarm offers all-inclusive plans, including liability protection, collision coverage, and impressive customer services alongside stable financial strength ratings with its costlier comprehensive plans.


For those unique cases where occasional slip-ups or traffic accidents have occurred — Nationwide’s claim-free bonus is offered to existing policyholders by providing assurance after continued safe driving rather than going down standard punishment routes involving deductibles/fees. By doing so, they provide an incentive towards responsibility over excessive penalization.


Allstate stands uniquely as a friendly option among auto insurers, including car rentals reimbursement during claims filings and supplementary PIP (personal injury protection) assistance. There are opportunities to take advantage of lower premiums through usage-based options here while keeping any at-risk driver-free campaigns like Drivewise or Milewise.


Suppose you “have” some added features, such as custom enhancements done on a vehicle. In that case, Farmers car coverage offers peace of mind for damages under varying circumstances that aren’t caught under other types of policies that omit racing competition vehicles but, at limited times, could lose maneuverability when filing smaller damage reports.

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Liberty Mutual

Families who own several cars will find benefits in Liberty Mutual’s offerings. They give precedence to multiple-car ownership status, which means better discounts for additional vehicle insurance fees with Guardian-preferred upgrade programs upon insured persons.


The United Services Automobile Association holds great military family practice values and prioritizes them above non-members – offering greater renter insurance deals and the best coverage rates specifically deserving members; USAA has also been named the industry leader for ease-in-claims for non-fault claims (such as thefts or crimes on the vehicles).


Travelers accompany extensive perks to their inclusive policies, including gap insurance, roadside assistance services, and reimbursement of towing expenses. In addition, they remain flexible with such customizable property damage plans that can meet the unique budgeting preferences of other insurers.


Those likely wary about expensive rates might be interested in Safeco’s affordable options. Their wide range of available discounts includes savings from safe driver accident-free positions while personalization is readily available, including payment schedules free of charge compared to others.

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FAQs on Car Insurance Providers for Full Coverage

What does full coverage auto insurance cover?

Full coverage auto insurance includes comprehensive and collision insurance required as well as liability protections against drivers causing accidents.

How do I know if a car insurer is financially stable?

You could look up an overview report known as AM’s best rating database online, then search by state/insurer reviews offering financial stability grades based on overall payments completed, timeframes, etc.

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Should I bundle my home and car (policyholder) insurance together?

Yes, bundling your policyholder status offers lower annual premiums, increased loyalty, and discounted permanency. Most offer option benefits ranging upwards from $100 and above.

Conclusion – Car Insurance Providers for Full Coverage

Selecting the right car insurer might seem tedious, but it could save you considerable amounts in future occurrences without any worries about deductibles or unsatisfactory customer service.

Among these top providers, Progressive stands just above Geico’s rates goals; State Farms manages friendly coverage extensions’; Allstate’s extra personalized features set them apart; Farmers are for those with an added custom auto policy, etc.

Ultimately looking into each company’s strengths based on your conditions and other discounts/benefits available should be the key to deciding which of these top-notch companies matches your requirements.

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