Major USSD Codes For Instant Loans In Nigeria

Due to the development of several contemporary technologies, including smartphones, laptops, and other cutting-edge technologies like machine learning technology, obtaining a loan in Nigeria today has become simple. All you need is to know the USSD codes for instant loans for the bank you want to borrow from.

Now, a variety of financial organizations and money lenders are able to lend money to strangers without even having a personal relationship with them or requiring any of their assets as collateral.

Before making loans, this financial organization utilizes a machine learning technology algorithm to assess its clients or borrowers. With the support of the Bank Verification Number, this technology operates efficiently (BVN).

In order to keep an eye on bank account holders’ actions and ensure that they are combating money laundering in the nation, the central bank of Nigeria introduced the BVN. Money lenders can check the borrower’s credit score using the same BVN, and they can also find out if the borrower has ever defaulted on a loan or is otherwise qualified for one.

However, that is not the case right now.

In this article, we’ll go over the different ways you can apply for a loan in Nigeria utilizing the USSD Code.

With the USSD code, you can apply for quick loans without collateral, but what’s most intriguing is that some of these lenders also provide loans without BVN.

Our users can deal without using the internet by using the USSD codes that we were able to obtain from several financial institutions that provide loans without collateral.

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The USSD code is helpful and practical in situations where you might not have data and need to get quick loans.

Back then, getting a loan without collateral was challenging, but today, thanks to the development of new technology like cellphones, laptops, and bank verification numbers, it’s possible to receive a rapid loan without collateral or a quick loan without using your BVN.

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Major USSD Codes For Getting Loans In Nigeria


What Is USSD?

Unstructured supplementary service data (USSD) is the abbreviation for a communications service that mobile network carriers use to deliver various services.

The same service can also be used for financial services, similar to what is offered in modern banking, where you can make a variety of transactions using a short code to interact with your bank account.

In order to deliver the request question without using any internet connection, this service simply needs a device with a cellular network.

Many financial transactions have been made simpler with the use of the USSD service, making them accessible to anyone with a cellular network device.

How to Use a USSD Code to Apply for a Loan (Steps by Step Process)

It’s simple and straightforward to apply for a loan using the USSD Code. All you need to do is follow the steps below and have a device with a cellular network.

  • Select the business from which you want to borrow money. Choose carefully because there are plenty of them.
  • Become familiar with the USSD code for the lender you plan to employ.
  • Make sure you adhere to the platform’s or loan company’s requirements. Make your own inquiries into their requirements if you’re unsure if you meet them.
  • Make sure you begin your dialing of the USSD Code with a * and end it with a #.
  • As soon as you call the code, a popup will appear.
  • Request a loan and have the money transferred into your bank account.
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Conditions for Obtaining Loans via USSD Code

There aren’t many requirements for using USSD Code to apply for loans. Ensuring that you are banking with the financial institution you want to borrow money from is the most crucial condition. You will need to supply some basic information, such as your full name and bank verification number (BVN), in order for other financial institutions, including fintech businesses lending money, to evaluate you using their own algorithm. Since you won’t even be aware that your loan is being evaluated, this process is practically instantaneous. The computer system will automatically credit your bank account if you satisfy their loan requirements.

Major Banks USSD Codes For Loans In Nigeria

Below is the list of all the major banks’ USSD Codes For Instant Loans in Nigeria for getting quick loans without collateral.

Commercial Banks USSD Codes to Dial
Guaranty Trust Bank Loan code *737*51*51#
Fidelity Bank Loan code *770#
First Bank Loan code *894#
Wema Bank Loan code *945#
Skye Bank Loan code *833#
Sterling Bank Loan code *822#
Diamond Bank Loan code *710*11#
Eco Bank Loan code *326#
Diamond Access Loan code *901*11#
FCMB Loan code *389#
Unity Bank Loan code *7799#
UBA Bank Loan code *919#
Union Bank Loan code *826#
Heritage Bank Loan code *322#
Keystone Bank Loan code *533#
Access Bank Loan code *901#
Zenith Bank Loan code *966#

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Additional Mobile USSD Codes For Cash Loans

The following table below shows the list of different mobile loan codes to get quick cash here in Nigeria.

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This includes Nigerian telecommunication companies’ USSD codes to borrow money in Nigeria.

Lending Institution Code to Dial
AB Microfinance bank *389*755#
Access bank *901*11#
Accion MFB *572*6#
Airtel quick cash loan *561#
Aledin nano *903#
Etisalat loan code *561#.
Fair money USSD code *322*6#
FCMB loan code *329#
Glo cash loan code *322*1*04225701*Amount#
GTBank loan code *737*51*51#
Interswitch loan *322#
Kwik cash USSD code *561#
Migo loan code *561#
Mtn cash loan code *606*4#
Trader Money loan code *540#
Paga loan code *242#
Quick Teller (Mtn, Airtel, 9mobile) *322#
Carbon Paylater USSD code *1303#
There are more codes out there, we couldn’t cover every money lending code out there but these are the ones we have for now. We’ll frequently update this article to ensure that all the loan codes that are being released every day are available to our readers.
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