How Many Times Can I Reschedule or Cancel My US Visa Appointment?

How Many Times Can I Reschedule or Cancel my US Visa Appointment? If you are planning to travel to or work in the United States, obtaining the correct visa is crucial. Part of the visa application process involves scheduling an interview appointment at a US embassy or consulate.

However, life events sometimes happen that require changing your plans. This article will provide an overview of US visa appointment rescheduling and cancellation policies to help you understand your options.

US Visa Applications Process

Before diving into rescheduling and cancellation specifics, it’s helpful to have some context about the overall US visa application process:


The first step is determining which type of visa you need based on the purpose and length of your trip or stay. Common nonimmigrant visa categories include tourist (B1/B2), student (F1/M1), work (H-1B, L, O, etc.), and temporary work/training (J1, H3).


Once you know the required visa type, you fill out the online DS-160 or DS-260 form and pay the application fee. This is submitted to the department of state along with required supporting documents like proof of funds, letters of invitation, and employment verification.

Interview Scheduling

After initial paperwork processing, you will receive instructions to schedule an appointment for an in-person interview at the nearest US embassy/consulate. Appointments are scheduled months in advance and availability varies by location.


At your appointment, you present application documents and undergo an in-person interview with a consular officer who reviews your case and determines visa eligibility and issuance. A decision is made on the spot.

Visa Receipt/Issuance

If approved, your passport will be returned with a visa sticker affixed. If denied, you receive paperwork explaining the decision that can be used if choosing to reapply in the future.

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Keep this sequence in mind as rescheduling impacts where you are in the process. Now let’s cover US visa appointment rescheduling policies specifically.

How Many Times Can You Reschedule my US Visa Interview?

Generally speaking, you are allowed to reschedule your US visa interview appointment one time without any issues or additional fees. The specific policies are:

  • The Department of State’s website states you can reschedule online “one time without charge.”
  • When rescheduling, you need to do so at least 3 business days before your original appointment date.
  • You can reschedule to a new date that is within 60 calendar days of your original appointment.
  • If you need to reschedule more than once or outside that 60 day window, you will likely need to submit a new visa application and pay fees again from scratch.

So in summary – one free reschedule is usually permitted if done in advance of the original date and within a couple month timeframe. Beyond that, you risk having to reapply entirely.

Reasons You Might Need to Reschedule a US Visa Appointment

Life happens, so it’s understandable that valid circumstances may require changing your interview date. Some common reasons visa applicants reschedule include:

  1. Scheduling conflict: You realized the original date conflicted with important prior commitments like exams, events, or other travel.
  2. Illness: Either you or a traveling companion became sick or injured and were unable to attend on the scheduled date.
  3. Emergency situations: Issues like deaths in the family, natural disasters, or other crises that prevent keeping the appointment.
  4. Incomplete application: You realized after scheduling that your paperwork or documents were still missing elements needed for approval.
  5. Delayed documents: Supporting paperwork from third parties like schools or employers was not ready in time.

In these situations, one reschedule is usually permitted by the embassy without issue. Just be sure to explain the valid reason when making the change.

How to Request a US Visa Appointment Reschedule

If you need to reschedule within the standard one-time policy limits, here are the steps:

  1. Login to your appointment registration account online at
  2. Click “Reschedule Appointment” under your existing scheduled interview.
  3. Select a new available date that is within 60 days of the original and at least 3 business days later.
  4. Confirm all details and submit the request. You’ll receive an email confirmation.
  5. Prepare to attend your visa interview on the new scheduled date with all required paperwork.
  6. If for any valid reason you need to reschedule again, contact the embassy directly by phone or email rather than online to explain your situation.
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By following these steps, your request should be handled routinely without delays or additional costs. Communicate well in advance when possible to avoid last-minute issues.

Can You Cancel a US Visa Interview Appointment?

Technically speaking, canceling a confirmed US visa interview is not the same as rescheduling and has stricter limitations:

  • You can only cancel if it is at least 3 business days before the scheduled interview date.
  • Canceling means you forfeit that interview date and have to start the process over – reapplying, repaying fees, and getting a new interview scheduled.
  • Unlike one free reschedule, canceling more than once could be seen as abusing the system and impact future visa eligibility.
  • Therefore, it’s only advisable to cancel a visa interview under very rare unavoidable circumstances, and rescheduling is almost always a better option if possible within policy limits.

For emergency cancellations less than 3 days before an interview, contact the embassy directly to explain your situation and see if any exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. But expect to have to reapply in most cases.

What if You Miss Your US Visa Interview Appointment?

Failing to attend a scheduled US visa interview without requesting cancellation or rescheduling ahead of time can have serious consequences:

  • You will be considered a “no-show” for the appointment, which goes on your immigration record.
  • Future visa applications may be viewed more suspiciously due to lack of reliability in keeping commitments.
  • In some cases, “no-show” statuses have caused visa applications to be denied or considered abandoned with no recourse.
  • There is no option to reschedule a missed interview – the application is voided and you must start the process completely over.

To avoid these issues, it’s critical to either reschedule well in advance or cancel if you know you cannot make the confirmed date and time. Communicate proactively with the embassy to prevent a missed attendance situation when possible.

Exceptions to Rescheduling and Cancellation Policies

While the standard rules allow one free reschedule, there may be exceptions made on rare occasions for emergency situations outside an applicant’s control.

The key is promptly contacting the embassy and providing credible proof or documentation to validate your circumstances. They may allow additional leniency on a case-by-case basis at their discretion. But remember, exceptions are not guaranteed, so plan accordingly when possible.

  1. Natural disasters – If a major hurricane, earthquake, wildfire or other act of nature causes travel disruptions or safety issues.
  2. Regional conflict – If political violence, civil unrest, or security situations arise around the scheduled interview location.
  3. Medical emergencies – With documentation from doctors, a serious health issue like unexpected hospitalization could warrant flexibility.
  4. Death in immediate family – A spouse, child or parent passing away would make attending an interview understandably difficult.
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Questions Frequently Asked on How to Reschedule or Cancel my US Visa Appointment

The US visa interview rescheduling policies can understandably raise questions, so here are answers to some commonly asked scenarios:

If my Rescheduled date is too far away, can I get an earlier one?

No, you’re subject to available appointment dates within the 60 day window at the time of rescheduling.

What if I need to Reschedule just a few days before?

You still must do so at least 3 business days in advance per policy. Contact the embassy directly if an emergency exception is needed.

If Approved, when does my visa validity start?

The start date is based on original interview date, not any rescheduled dates – so plan travel around that timeframe.

How early can I Reschedule for Scheduling conflicts?

As early as possible, at least 3 business days before original interview, to increase chances of getting preferred new date.

Will rescheduling delay visa receipt?

In most cases no, but processing times may vary slightly based on individual circumstances beyond just rescheduling.

Real-World Examples of Rescheduling Visa Appointments

To bring this topic to life, here are a few real scenarios visa applicants have experienced that required rescheduling:

Situation1: Maria, a software engineer from Brazil, has her visa interview scheduled in two weeks. However, she suddenly faces a family emergency requiring her immediate attention.

Advice: In situations like Maria’s, it’s essential to act swiftly. She should:

  • Inform the US Embassy/Consulate: Contact the embassy or consulate immediately through the provided channels, explaining the emergency.
  • Document the Emergency: Gather any relevant documents that support the reason for rescheduling, such as medical reports or legal documents.
  • Reschedule Online: Use the online appointment system to find the next available slot.
  • Prepare for Possible Delays: Understand that rescheduling might lead to delays in visa processing.

Situation2: Alex, a student from India, plans to attend a conference in the US but later finds out the event has been postponed.

Advice: For cancellations due to changed plans:

  • Cancel as Early as Possible: This helps in potentially reducing the wait time for others.
  • Consider the Impact on Future Applications: Frequent cancellations might raise questions in future visa applications, so it’s advisable to provide a valid reason if possible.
  • Reapply with Caution: If Alex plans to reapply later, he should ensure his circumstances are clearly explained in the new application.

Situation3: Linda, an artist from Kenya, has rescheduled her visa interview twice due to project commitments and is contemplating a third reschedule.

Advice: In cases of multiple reschedulings:

  • Check Embassy Policies: Some embassies may have a limit on the number of times you can reschedule.
  • Evaluate the Necessity: Continual rescheduling can be viewed unfavorably, so it’s important to assess if it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Communicate Effectively: If rescheduling is unavoidable, communicate the reasons clearly and professionally to the embassy.

Conclusion on Reschedule or Cancel my US Visa Appointment

While the flexibility to reschedule or cancel a US visa appointment is a valuable provision, it should be approached with responsibility and foresight. Understanding the implications of these actions and handling them with due diligence is key to ensuring a smooth visa application process.

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